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Dan The Fish

Dan teh Fish Solid Background 500x500


Dan the Fish is Don't Panic's first EP album, due to be released in Fall of 2018.

What can you say about an album named after a fish trying to deal with an existential crisis?

Dan the Fish is a mix of fast, sharp, and unrestrained pop/punk energy, outstanding musicianship, and clever and insightful lyrics. Between Mike's brilliant composing and lyrics, Nate's ever-melodic arpeggiation and lead guitar rifs, and the rest of the band members, Dan the Fish will be sure to find- and keep- a place on your playlist for years to come.

Dan the Fish was recorded, mixed, and produced by Kevin Billingslea of Lion's Maine Studios at The Halo Studio in Portland, Maine.  Before even going into the studio, the Band's mantra had been "In Kevin We Trust."  Having a professional "on the board" has had an amazing effect both on the quality of the music as well as the Band ourselves.  Kevin's unflinching insistence on getting it right before it goes into the DAW means that the final result is pretty damn amazing.  Click HERE to see Kevin's info at The Halo Studio's web site.  Or HERE to see the all the dozen's (more!) of YouTube videos featuring artists and recordings Kevin has produced.

Look for Dan the Fish to hit streaming services and iTunes in October/November of 2018.  And check on our Media Page for teasers, demos, music videos, and behind-the-scenes info and vids of the process of recording our first album.